The other day, my flatmates asked me why Mainland China builds up firewalls against Taiwan's media..
and our conversation ended up with a debate between media legitimation and media revolution..
(what the mid-night and we were having debate! )

I'll put up my response about the firewall thing later..
now i just wanna pass some thoughts, which i just simply came up with, since we were talking about the media.

Tribute: Election Campaign- KMT

Presidential Debate- Ma Ying-Jiao

I think that one of the most important things that I've forgotten, is that while being concerned with the world, I should still be impassioned about my home country, instead of being that apathetic, no matter what it had brought me.

I've been perceiving that I cant really see the shape of the world being in Taiwan, but now I feel that I should be ashamed of perceiving so.

Still carrying some fears inside, though.

Yet with such a stimulating prospect, I ought to sense hopes and dream that lie ahead, for which we all have been yearning for so long..
I shouldn't be afraid, should I ? After all, that's where I am from, isn't it?

Apart from all those, I appreciate the strenuous effort that Frank Xie made to make Koahsiung a better city.
However, to rule a country is totally a different story to tell. Besides, the image of the party (e.g. corruption) he belongs to would be a problem and, to some extent, casts some negative influences on his vote.

** Nothing much, just a slip of thoughts, and no offensive intention and/or purposes. **

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