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Dearest Honey
How are you? I miss you really much. You will be flying today, which is 11th, if I didnt remember it wrong.
I just wish that I could be by your side and holding your hands, walking along the river bank of Thames.
With each passing day, I just miss you more and couldn't wait to go back to your side.
Sorry I didn't email you until now....days here have been quite hectic and I couldn't really use the computer, not because that my aunt and uncle wouldn't let me, but because my little sister just needs to watch her favourite programmes on youtube every moment. She already knows how to operate the computer, quite amazing I should say, especially at this age and that no one really taught her anything about how to do that.
I had a weird dream last night, interested?
Anyway, I am gonna tell, but in a nutshell. lol
In my dream, my friend in London came to see me, and told me he had feelings for me.
And, I told him, "but I love you." And then I run to you and hug you.
You do know that "you" means you yourself, do you not?
I rarely tell, but I just wanna let you know, how lucky I feel to have you, and that how blessed I am to get to have someone like you who are crazy about me.....
I love you, honey.
Have a safe flight to London adn take care.
Send my regards to your family. =)
I know you will be busy, but do try to email me back, promise?
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