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Dearest Honey,

I've not been able to write to you as i've been busy packing up and getting ready to come back
I just got home, checked the email and then saw this
My house is a little messed up at a state my flatmates left me, but nevermind that, it isnt all that bad, just need some cleaning.

My first day would be going to borough and then tower bridge, then probably having steak and covent garden...
About to set off in ten twenty minutes, but i can already feel how much i am gonna miss you, how much i would wish i can hold your hand and walk along river thames.
And i can just see the river outsie my window, right here, right now.

I missed you every minute i was in hong kong, when i was out, when i see different things, i just think of you all the time, so i keep looking and keep looking at the ring, knowing there you are going to be here very soon

your little sister is very amazing to be able to use youtube,
she is gonna be a real genius i am sure, especially if we get a chance later to take care of her to come to london and study

I wanted to write to you, but then i started reading the book you gave me, and then my tears keeps dropping, flowing thru my eyes and onto my face... i couldnt write a thing, coz i know no matter what i write, i am still gonna miss you and i just cant live without you. Thank you honey, i loved that book you gave me, it is beyond special

I am interest about your dream, i always am.
It might seem a weird dream to you, but i knew that in your heart you made that decision already, and i know even it happened in real, you would tell him you have me and that you love me. Thank you honey for loving me so much, especially knowing, like you said, it is growing everyday. I can feel that too *kiss*

i will always email you back whenever i get it, i promise, and i will always stay on skype and messenger in case you want to jump on and talk to me. And i will be waiting for you on 17th to chat to you.
I just wish everything would come sooner, to have you by my side, holding your hand. And i will, and i know i will never let go =)

I love you, honey

Enjoy your stay in japan, email me back too =)
Before i recieve your reply, i will just keep on thinking about you



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