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My little angel,

Honey, Sorry i got home around 10pm yestaurday, but i felt extremely tired and unwantedly felt asleep, probably because of a heavy jet lag which i did not managed to sleep off at all on the plane.
Your english is still very good, so you never need to worry about that
I just cant wait til you come back by my side honey in london, to this very land, where i can hold you by your hand.

Everywhere i went yestaurday, i had a virtual tour in my mind, thinking that if you were the one by my side instead of my parents what would it be like. I am sure alot of places will be much more fun. Just like for example, yestaurday i had a sangria in borough market (which is very good), but nobody else wanted to drink with me, which i felt disappointed, especially knowing if you were here, we would be drinking and enjoying ourselves.

In general, my parents are enjoying this place. Even tho they had to walk alot when we visit this places, they still liked it, especially when they mentioned the air is much cleaner in here =) Everything worked out ok yestaurday, apart from everyone was feeling a little over-tired.

Dont worry about whining on your family, i do that too all the time, hehe. In fact i feel like whining apart the tube system as well, since its the weekend the jubilee line is closed again. Its taking us alot longer then usual to travel around, which is something i really hate. And vodafone kind of messed up and blacklisted my phone so i cant use it in the uk, but they said they will fix it by tuesday. Sorry honey, i was also whining hehe
But dont worry, i can just picture what you look like when you are whining, it looks very cute, so cute that i just want to hug you tight and then kiss you. To let you know its ok to whine, and to let you know that no matter what, i will always be by your side, holding you and always understanding you.

Honey, i never took the ring off too (apart from cleaning it and taking a shower), even tho my friends keeps saying its very girlish, i like it very much. Everytime i see it, i think about you but also know that you are gonna be there for me. I love you honey.

Honey, i just cant stop missing you. I felt that from the very begining you didnt give me the book because of the stars, but because of what the book said. I felt so lucky to have found you, like the little girl in the book. But the only difference between us and the girl is that we will never every be apart. This very thing i always will promise, because i can just feel that in my heart, thats something it is gonna happen, where we will be never be apart. I love you honey

I just cant wait for your reply, but until then, i will just keep thinking about you, like you would be, i am sure.
Keep me updated, even tho if its something unhappy you want to tell me or you want to whine about, dont worry, coz i will always listen to your heart and be there for you.
And i will also keep you updated when i come back tonight ^^ *kiss*



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