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My eternal princess,

I was so eager to recieve the reply that i actually checked the email yestaurday with my phone when i was taking a break lying down in the gardens in victoria and albert museum. (and in case you wonder, my phone is working again, with skype and msn etc !!!!) But you dont have to apologise for a late reply, especially given the situation on computers you have over there. I on the other hand should say sorry because i keep falling asleep everytime i get home for the past few days, while i want to write you back right away everytime i get home.

Let me keep you updated hehe. On sunday we went to harmpton court palace which pretty much took the whole day, and returned, my parents wanted to try chinese food (in china town) which they enjoyed but i didnt really. Yestaurday (monday), we went to british museum and then victoria and albert museum.
And you were right, V&A is better then the british museum, or at least thats what i think. Then we went to took pictures outside royal albert hall before returning to have fish and chips in covent garden.

Honey, wherever i go, i just keep thinking about you beside me... visiting museums, different places and thinking on what we would talk about and how happy the time we would spend together. I sat down at the theatre and drama section (in V&A), watching different plays and costumes, knowing if you were here, i could tell you things i know about them. And when i walked passed the old insturment sections, i just kept thinking about you, your music, and how much i want you to be here so i can hug you and kiss you. I love you honey.

We did not have fish and chips in borough market, because they said they were going to have some in convent garden later anyway. But my parents loved the food they had, the cakes, brownies, burgers, roast and salami etc.

Honey, its only my friends that thinks the ring is girlish. I dont think its girlish at all, instead, i think it looks really really beautiful. Honey, you are not being selfish hehe, in fact i liked this ring too the first time i saw it (remember at the airport). And knowing dragonfly (in chinese) has a hidden meaning, i am just more then proud to wear it. I love you, honey.

Today we are going to oxford and bicester village, and we will go to winchester on wednesday, according to plan. And we've booked the tickets for phantom of the opera on thurs evening, i am excited hehe. But i know full well i am going to miss you so much, like i've been doing every moment of day and night.

Tell me about what universal studio and kyoto is like, keep me updated hehe. I am really excited to know. I guess your uncle just doesnt like you going to other places that he is not comfortable with you going alone... But enjoy kyoto, have fun, but most of all, stay safe =) *kiss*


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