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Don't say sorry at all for such things. I understand that you will be having quite a tight schedule these days since your parents are visiting. And as far as I know (from your words), you are really doing a good job as a guide. =)
Glad to know that your phone is working again with Skype and MSN!!! Oh honey, dont worry, just fall asleep whenever you feel like to, any single person would be exhausted after quite a day, especially in London, cuz there are just so many places to visit and explore.
Ohh! You went to hampton court!!! I've never been there!! What's there like? I've heard that it's a very beautiful place!!! Oh honey, you like V&A better too! Why are you so like me? ^^ I am so pleased. However,I somehow think that I probably have cast some influence on you on that, cuz I told you that I dont really like British Museum, comparing to V&A, in the first place. >< But anyway, still happy to know that we both like V&A better.
Oh honey, I just wish that I could be beside you so I could go to those places with you! Then we would talk about everything and just can't stop hugging and kissing. You know why I shortlisted Royal Albert Hall as one of the must-goes? Because that's the place that I have been wanting to go but never did. Please dont blame me on that. lol
We went to Universal Studios today, it was really really really HOT!!!!! >< I was sweating like mad, and then I ended up having a severe headache. I just kinda recalled that everytime I came to Japan and stayed at my uncle's, it was always winter and chilling. So my memory for Universal Studios is always "cold and windy". But today, the weather really made me uncomfortable. And I was forced to accompany my mom to go into all those things that I actually had been into before. I wouldn't mind that if I didnt have a severe headache and my period, but I just dont like it when I am really ill and was still compelled to do all those, which was actually tormenting to me. And then, after 6,7 hours, the sun finally set, the sky gets dark, and the parade started. I saw huge beautiful and luminous Elmo, Snnopy and Kitty, its really stunning. I wish you were beside me....I know you would hug me and kiss me to comfort my pain..and I want you to see the parade as well. But still, today I got scolded by my mom cuz she said my face didn't look happy at all and then she knida told my uncle that I dont like coming to Universal Studios at all....I was just feeling ill....
You are going to Oxford and Bicester Village!!! Have fun!!! Shop till you drop, hehe. Do keep me updated. I am sure you are gonna love The Phantom of The Opera if the cast is good. ^^ I really love it by the way. I remember the rhythm and lyrics of each song in it. I went to see it in 2006 at Her Majesty's Theatre, but the cast wasn't that nice. I've heard that the London cast now is good, you can help me check it out. ^^"
I am going to Kyoto on Thursday, and my friend said that we are all going to wear kimono!! I'll take pictures so you can see it, as long as you dont mind that I am too fat to even look good in it. >< My mom keeps saying that I am fat...whatever I wear, she just told me not to wear those again cuz she thinks that I look horrible. Even now, I am just sitting here typing email, she said my buttock is huge and ugly and said I shouldn't wear any trousers again. About my visit to Kyoto, my uncle actually said ok, just that he is kinda worried that I'll get lost at the station of Osaka given its complexity. But my mom keeps frowning on that and said a lot of mean things to make me stay here and not go anywhere. In case you wonder, my uncle paid for the return flight tickets for both my mom and I, and my uncle also gave us 10,000 yen each to buy things we like, which is way enough I should say, cuz my uncle paid for all the eating, transportation..everything. Those 10,000 are for our own shopping. I just couldn't understand what justifies my mom's reason to prohibit me from going somewhere I have long wanted to visit and especially where I can meet up with my friend...
Anyway, tell me everything about how your family think about Oxford and Bicester, and best of all, The Phantom of The Opera. And dont worry about falling asleep and not replying, I'll wait. ^^ Love you.


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