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My Other half,

Got home from oxford really late today cause we missed the coach and had to wait 40 minutes for one. So when you see this email and me replying so late at night, dont worry, because i am eager to reply you and let you know how things are going.

To be honest, i am doing a lousy job as a guide, but then at least my parents still like this country for now hehe. Most colleges in oxford were closed today, guess we are just a little unfortunate. Bicester was fun, but then the sale arent that huge of a sale so i only managed to buy a bag and a pair of shoes for myself. My parents however bought loads of things.

I was looking around different shops, thinking to buy you a bag like the white one you have. The only good one i found was a Celine, but then i had doubts in rather the size being too small and that you might not like it. So i thought i might just take you here next year and buy you something =)

We never went inside the Royal albert hall, just the outside. But then i was suprised that you never went in either. Anyhow, we are going to watch something in there when you come back, i just cant wait. I love you honey.

Harmpton court palace was great, they run different programms at various times where someone will be dressed as the king and preform a short play around the castle land, which is very very interesting. All i wish is that you could be there, then we can just laid in the garden, watch the foutain and enjoy the sun together. I just want to take you there.

Honey, i just cant stop missing you. I kept thinking about you in oxford and how you would like different colleges and the architechture in that place (prehaps you dont >_<) and that i kept thinking we could be hugging and kissing all the time if you were here with me. In my mind i was virtually planning a trip with you when you come back.

I really dont know how i can survive the coming year without you beside honey. I love you so so much, i dont have words to describe this feeling flowing through my heart. So i started reading the book you gifted me again, and my tears start dropping again. I just wish, like the girl did, to run away and leave reality behind without worries, and spend every second of my life beside you honey. I just want you to be here, i love you honey.

You did cast a litte influence on me about the museums i must admit. But then british museum was just like a recollection of thiings from different area of the world and the design of the museum is not as good as V&A. And V&A has a section about theatres and drama which i really really enjoyed, along with other things being more interactive (like video watching room, things you can touch and play around) while there are almost none of that in the british museum, so i like V&A more, just like you do honey *kiss*

Dont worry about what your mum said. I know you will look awesome when you are wearing a kimono. I just cant wait to see the pictures. Are you going to stay in kyoto or is it going to be a day trip thing? Take more pictures and show me. And honey, you are not fat at all, in fact, you are just so gorgeous that i just want to hug you and kiss you all day.

I want to watch the parade in universal studio too. I want to see kitty with you, and then stick kitty sticker on your face and then kiss you in front of kitty. And then we will walk round the studio like me holding you as my princess and then we can be so childish but have all the fun. And we will end up kissing all day, cause i just want to kiss you again and again and again. I love you honey

I wonder what phantom of the opera will be like, but i guess i wont be able to get you updated until i actually watch it. Hope the cast is good, but the play itself is something i really like, so i am sure the cast cant be that bad. But then you are not beside me, and that even it was fabulous, something i feel is still missing, so we better watch it again together.

Honey, you are on your period again and i am not beside you. I wish i can be to take care of you again in your period, even tho i did a lousy job =( I hope your severe headache will go away soon *kiss*, if not hope that will kiss it away, like i would always kiss you when you feel uncomfortable or ill, hoping you would get better.

Take care when you are travelling, especially that you are feeling ill, but enjoy the time you are in kyoto. Meanwhile, i will just miss you alot, and wonder what you are upto while i am busy showing my parents around this country. Love you. ^^ *kiss*



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