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My little princess

When i am typing this, its still early in the morning and that i am watching you sleeping. Might seem weird on your inbox to recieve two reply for the same email hehe. Wonder when will you realise this email i sent you.

Just want to let you know that you look so gorgeous right now when you are sleeping. Sorry i made you a little angry this morning when your alarm set off. Please forgive me.

Honey, you know how much i just wish i could be beside you, so i can just wake you up exactly at the time you need to wake up, without any worries and then take you to work and pick you up off work.

Life without you beside me has been torturing, but i always tell myself that you are there for me, so i just smile and keep going. Honey, i love you so so much, i dont have words to describe this, but i am sure you feel the same too.

And about lunchtimes, i really love talking to you, even for the brief minutes during your lunchtime. Please do wake me up every morning on the phone, so i can chat to you honey.

Honey, i just miss you so much and love you even more so. Never let yourself out of my sight, even just for a short while, because i will just be here worrying and thinking about you. And never let go, i know you wont, and i know i will never ever let go of you, coz i love you dearly so.

You will always be my sweetest, and my only one, one that i will take care of every minute of the day and one that i truly hope you are beside me always. Love you so so much honey. I love you ^^



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