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My eternal lover

Honey, i know you are still at work, and i doubt you will check this email before you are off work. I sent you a text when you left after lunch, but i was wondering did you see that too either.

Honey, i was truly sorry that i didnt seem to be interested because i just miss you dearly in my heart and thats why i paused to think about the time i spent with you. Honey, i really really love you to the deepest of my heart and that i just wish you are here for me.

Honey, right now i am just here waiting for you to either jump online before you get off work or to call you when you get off work because i just want to speak to you. I cant wait til you're home so i can skype with you.

Honey, i love you. I guess i never told you the other reason why i wish i could sing really well. Not only because i want to sing to you, and that you can play the violin and sing so well but i cant even sing, but i dearly want to sing to you every day and night to make you happy. The other reason being once william shakespeare said " if music be the food of love.. " Thats why i wish i know music more and more so that you can feel how much i love you when i play/sing something for you honey

Honey, i just love you dearly, truly, forever, and that i would never let go of you. Honey, so please dont let go of me too. I love you honey, to the deepest of my heart, far far further then the deepest end of the earth, and even the universe. I love you *kisses*



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