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My dearest and most gorgeous,

Honey, just want to leave you an email to tell you that how lucky i feel to have you. I know it may seem all of a sudden, but i just wish you to know that you make me very proud and i am always proud to tell my friends i have you, aa beautiful and a genius.

Right now i guess you are resting on the coach, you told me this moring you had a headache, and then when i called my phone is weird and you could not hear me. Maybe it was noisy on my side, or maybe it was because its low on battery. Honey, i am truly sorry for that.

Honey, i just cant wait for you to get home and call me. I really really miss you loads. I am sure you had a wonderful time listening to the concert. I love you honey, and forever, this life and the next, i always will love you.


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