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My most percious,

Honey, right now i am watching you sleep, and i just can feel how lovely you are. Even its dark, your face is gorgeous, and i just wish i am beside you hugging you and holiding you while you are asleep.

I am sorry i wont be able to call you in the evening, but i promise i will do my best at the interview. And knowing you have been praying for me and are very supportive of me, i am just very proud to have you.

Honey, there are alot of things i just cant wait to do with you, and i just cant be happier knowing that you are coming back in under 300 days time. When you come back, we will go everywhere, and i know we will never be apart again.

Just want to let you know honey, no matter what happens, i will always love you. I love you to bits, and every single part of me is yours, whole-heartedly. I love you honey

And lastly, have a happy birthday while you are at home. I will drop you a txt tomorrow when i am done with the interview, and i promise to call you on saturday. Before then, i will spend every moment missing you, i know i will, I love you. And sorry yor present will be late, and i hope you will like it when you get it. I love you forever *kiss*


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