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My dearest honey,

Honey, sorry i felt tired this morning, i assume you must have gone to work already and have woken up without me realising =( Wish i wasnt sleeping and could see you off to work. Now that you are offline i alrdy miss you alot

Alot of times, when i see you sleeping beside me, you look very very gorgeous. I hope you are feeling better now as i know you have been really tired. If there is one thing i could wish for, i would love to be beside you and be able to take care of you and just put you to bed when you feel so tired and do all the housework and cooking and everything for you.

Everytime when i think about you, i feel so proud to have you honey. Sometimes i wonder to myself why would i be so lucky, other times i just wonder why are you so prefect. And all the time, i can just feel that my love for you totally fills my heart. I love you honey,

Right now i am missing you to bits, please jump online if you can honey. I love you *kiss* If not, then promise to call me as soon as you are off work hehe =) I cant wait to see your face again. I love you




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