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My beautiful honey,

I am so sorry i fell asleep this morning after you woke up because i felt really tired honey. And then i saw you move your computer but the skype ended and you dropped. Really miss you loads and loads honey but i guess you are rushing so i didnt bother calling you back or anything honey.

I love you honey, i just want you to know i feel relly proud to have you honey. Sometimes i really miss you so much i just wish i can magically appear next to you, and sometimes i feel bad because i am always emailing you and calling you alot, but this is because i cant stop thinking about you honey. With all my heart honey, i love you.

Honey, please try to call me when you are at work, but if things gets too busy dont worry. I am  just going to miss you alot and cant wait till i talk to you. Sorry again i felt asleep honey >_<"" please forgive me. And lastly honey, I love you.


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