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My Beloved,
It's great to know that you have arrived in London safe and sound. I am quite happy to get your reply within such a short period of time. After a couple of days in Japan, I already felt as if I' ve lost my English totally. I just cant wait to go back there, to you, to London.
It's always more than pleasant to receive words from you. When I read through the lines, you've no idea how much I wish I could be there by your side to hug you and kiss you. I feel so excited that you are going to Tower Bridge and Borough Market today! My email showed that you emailed me about 5 hours ago, and you said you just got home...so I would suppose you arrived your house at Canary Wharf around half past 10 in the morning...(BST)?
If so, I am sure there will be plenty of wonderful things in Borough Market since today is Sunday and that it's always a must-do (well, for me and my flatmates lol) to pay a visit to Borough Market on Sunday morning. =)
The picture of London is just so clear in my mind. Everytime these wonderful memory slipped through my mind, I just thank God to let me find you. And I can already picture us holding hands and walking along the river Thames.
Honey, I always wear the ring. The only moments that the ring left my finger are the ones when I need to take a shower. I miss you so much, I just dont know how I can survive without you by my side for one year.
I know I shouldn't complain since I am already lucky enough to get to have such a nice aunt and uncle, who allowed me to spend my holidays here in Japan with them. The thing is, everytime they said this and that in japan are so nice...so huge....but all I could think of was the things in London are nicer and huger. (What's wrong with me?) For instance, there's this Ferris Wheel is Osaka, which Japan claimed to be the most enormous one is the world. I was there during Christmas (2007), and....it sucks! Sorry but i really have to say that it sucks. >"< London Eye is way huger and more beautiful.
I guess the thing that troubles me is that, my aunt and uncle never got to see what the real world is like....it's true their thoughts and midset are ahead of the majority, but still....they think things in Japan are the best....I told my uncle how amazing London Eye is, but he wouldn't believe me. He still thinks that the one is Osaka is the biggest. Yet what I wanted to say, is that there's a huger world on the other side of the earth, but I just ended up keeping all to myself.   
Sorry honey, i didnt mean to whine. SO tell me about your day tour today and how do your parents like London, ok? ^^
Honey, when I first saw that book, I wanted to give it to you for no reason. Not only because of all those stars, but also those concepts that truly hit me and touched me. I was worried that you might not like it...it's great to know that you love it.
Honey, that dream would never happen in real. Even if it would, which would be quite absurd though, but honey, you know I love you, truly, madly, deeply. And promise me, that you will never let go of my hands.....



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