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My sweetest angel

Honey, i guess you are in Hsinchu by now. Since you're phone is not working (or at last i cannot call you) i guess i can only leave you a message on email.

My parents are gone now and i have to move out of this propery in a few days. However i have find another smaller, buy nicer flat nearby for me to live in for the time being. Honey, i just wish you can go and live with me overthere, i dunno how my live will be for the coming year without you. My new place comes with internet, hope its gonna be fast, but at least its free, though i am sure i would change to a faster one if its too slow.

I wonder will your internet be working in Hsinchu, but i guess it is because i saw you jump onto skype (and i wondered why) this afternoon. But since your mum is next to you, i guess there was no chance for me to call you, even though i was out and about anyway. Your skype dropped last nite while i was out with my parents and saw you call me around 3am in the morning. Sorry honey i wanted to stay up for you but end up falling asleep, which i guess you saw me doing.

Honey, i really really miss you so much. Last time you said i didnt send you an email because i decided to wait for you. But you know i was really anxious to talk to you so i sent you a few messages on facebook, msn and your phone (if you can recieve it) Honey, i just miss you so much and wish i can skype with you, hopfully tomorrow. i just wonder how long is your mum going to stay at your place. This time i send you the email, and hope that i will be able to talk to you very soon, because i really really miss you honey. I love you honey, and i just wish i can be beside you hugging and kissing you (i guess you would feel the same) *kiss*

Anyhow, let me know as soon as you can, i will always stay on skype on my phone, so you can call me anytime, but i think for the next few days i would be at home tidying up and ready to move anyway. Love you so much honey.



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