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My sweet sweet-heart

I know that you are still at work and i wonder will you happen to see this before you call me during lunch time (assuming you get a chance to)

Honey, since you hang up this morning, i miss you so much already. Hope you got to work ok, but i am sure it must be extremely hot on yourside. *hugz*
Just cant wait to talk to you later on today.

You were so cute this morning when you wake up, love you so so so much honey. *kiss* and *kisses* again ^^

I was packing, and found something that i thought it was long lost. Which were the set of my Ac100 notes. Sorry honey i did not found it before and i thought i lost it, i am truly sorry. So to compensate, i will learn it and then try to teach it to you, since you said you wanted to do that (re-learn the course) hehe =)

Before you call, i will be at home packing and packing and packing. Just cant wait til i hear from you. Love you honey


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