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My gorgeous angel

I am typing this while i am watching you sleep in the dark again. even tho its dark and i cant see your face clearly, you still look very beautiful. All i know is, being able to be loved by someone like you is the luckiest thing ever happened in my life.

I am studying for the life in the uk test. There are so many facts to remember in the book it gets a little ridiculous. But i am making notes and my progress is going very well. Tho i wish the passmark is not 75% but 34% like LSE hehe.

When i am studying this, i am making notes, and i will keep those notes. Because i know when you come back, you might have to use it as you have to demostrate too you know the knowledge about the uk system.

Talking about which, honey, i cant wait til you come back. Even tho i see you on the camera everyday, i just can feel how much i miss you and how much i am actually beside you holding you while you're asleep

I love you honey. You are the sweetest thing ever happen in my life. And i will never let you go, but instead i will strive everyday to get you back here as soon as i can. And i am sure you cant wait til you are coming back.

Even at times i know you need your own space to work and be on your own. I can totally understand, even tho i dont need those space because i want to spend those times with you. And i know its because taiwan is giving you alot of trival things to deal with and stress you out at work, be it the culture and the system.

Everything will be alright when you come back, because life in here is just a bit easier, especially for someone whose mindset is like you, and me. And i know you truly love me, deeply and madly in love with me, just like i am too. I love you honey, forever



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