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Dearest Honey
this is a email forwarded to me by one of my collegues, which I find quite impressive.
I guess i need more stuff like this...
I mean...by reading, thinking, and spending some time with myself.
But I'd always love you to stay beside me and watch me if you have time and not tired.
I suppose that's probably why now I cant play my violin in a way as beautiful as before when i was in London, cuz I cant even define myself...
I become jealous easily now, irritated even, what makes it worse, is that I can no longer see the goodness in people. I was pondering over the issue that I talked to you about, about which I complained that my colleague doesnt know a thing and her English is not good...
But why exactly would I care such kind of things..? Even if we got the same data, even if she really copied my idea, and so what? As long as I present with a unique point of view and that I present in my way, with everything I learned and practiced in the LSE, which I've always been confident with and proud of, my presentation and myself would be recognised as if it's a product brand, which represents the very essence of me, wouldn't it? So why do I care and whine so much?
I've beem thinking of you all day, but no worries, I could still work, just a little helpless. 

Morning honey. =)


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