I thought that Edinburgh would be a marvellous place. 

However, just at the moment I arrived at Edinburgh, I knew I was totally wrong. Though my host family do treat me in a very generous and kind way, still I feel so wrong about everything. The courses here are so boring and depressing that I think I' m wasting a large amount of money and time here doing meaningless things and taking useless courses. The toilets look as if they are for kindergarten's children's use. How weird and ridiculous this place is! There are just too many things to complain on that I don't even know how to convey.

 I missed London so much: about Yeliz and Paul, our managers in Goldsmid House as well as in UCL; about the prosperous Oxford Street and the tube and buses in London, though most of the time they're like ovans which almost cooked us; and, of course, there's Nic and Will, my two teachers in UCL; and there's Jerry, Penny, Emelie and Don, an interesting 42-year-old Korean, who did make me learn a lot. Everything in London was just too wonderful to forget. I hope someday I could come back to London again; to live in Goldsmid House again, and to take a stroll with Jerry at night again.......now I could still feel the breeze that night.... There are just too many things that I wanna have a go in London again. 

Perhaps next time I would apply for the summer session straight to the Embassy in UCL rather than to a group formed in Taiwan. Spend money and obtain experience! Now I can just talk to myself this way to make myself feel better. 

It's time to go now. There must be plenty of mistakes in this diary for I' ve typed in such a rush. Maybe I would make some modification after I go back to Taiwan. The first thing that comes up to my mind every morning is when I can fly back to Taiwan. I am not that kind of person who's got something called homesick, I just don't wanna stay here anymore, even a second. It's strange that I miss London so much; it is as if London is my hometown.

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