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My sweetheart
Apology for the late reply. We actually have two computers here. But my mom is always watching TV on one computer, and my little sister always occupies the other one. lol I always email you while my mom is taking shower. Sorry honey. >"< I know how eager you are to get a reply from me (or perhaps you are not ><), just like that I am always quite expectant to get your reply the next day after I sent out the email.
Oh honey, I am sorry that I was not beside you....I would very much love to have sangria with you! It was quite a shame that your family didn't drink with you, otherwise they would understand how nice it tastes! I am glad to know that you love the sangria in borough market, cuz I myself love the sangria there a lot! It's not the best for sure, but given the price of it, it's really good! BTW, did you have the fish and chips (which is quite expensive but very nice) in borough market as well? How did your family like the steak?

Honey, you are not whining at all. I love to listen to you telling me all the things that you saw, heard and felt. I just feel so loved when you said that you think I look cute when i am whining and that all you want to do is to hug me and kiss me. Thank you honey, I love you.
Oh honey, I am sorry that I picked a girlish ring....>< I think I am too selfish...i should have asked what type of rings you like...cuz I dont want your fds to keep saying girlish to you. >< Sorry honey. Did your parents and brother say anything about the ring? Did they ask you how we met in the first place? (shy)

I have a friend in Osaka, and we planned to go to Kyoto on Thursday, which I am actually excited about cuz I've never been to Kyoto and everytime I came to Japan, I always stayed at my uncle's and that we actually went to the same places. He will be bringing his Korean girlfriend along as well (my fd is a taiwanese. Oh you remember we had dinner with one of my fds named Charlie who will be going to the States in August and who you said that is always trasveling? ^^ This friend, whom I am going to meet up with in Kyoto, is the one we mentioned who is on an exchange programme in Osaka, Japan during that dinner with Charlie.). But my uncle seemed to be unhappy about that. >"<

Anyway, we are going to Universal Studio tomorrow. Keep me updated with your all-abouts, ok?



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