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My dearest and sweetest,

Honey, I wonder when will you see this email. I am already missing you alot and alot. Sorry you have to rush this morning, when you are sleeping you said you felt cold. I am worried about you, i hope everything will be okay, dont want you to get ill or anything =(

Honey, you look gorgeous when you are sleeping, i wish i never have to wake you up, because you look so beautiful. I just hope every momement that i am going to be beside you, hugging you while you are asleep. And i dont want you to go to work unless its something you want to do hehe.

Honey, I love you so much. I am glad i saw the interview today, i am so excited about the telephone interview while i am skyping you, so i am like going to the interview with you. I love you honey, and I just cant wait til 10 months later where you dont have to stay in crap taiwan anymore and i am going to be beside you.

I love you honey. Try to jump online when you can, i really want to talk to you and i just cant wait to hear from you, either at work or later when you get home tonight. I love you honey *kiss*


P.S sorry i sent two copy again, in case you didnt check your company email but see your gmail


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