Roman Holiday  


Film4 恰巧播了 Audrey Hepburn 的羅馬假期。

I had thought the propagation of time and the advancement of technology would bring the whole film-making to a new level of sublimity, yet it just doesn't seem to turn out so.
Sometimes I wonder if life is actually better with all these rapidly evolving technology, for the consuming nature of life it has bestowed upon us. 
All the films are now in full colour, and to make your experience more life-like, they are even available in 3D. However, very few of them possess the quality equivalent to that of Audrey Hepburn's movies in the 50s and 60s - those legendary classics. 
Eternal figures, arts and music endure the test of time, and the more you come to explore them, the more you come to appreciate them. At different ages, these forms of arts lift you up to a different level to further explore the meaning of life and to realise who you truly are.  
Like J.S. Bach's music; like Audrey's productions; like Leslie's music and his forever pursuit of perfection on the performance arts.
And perhaps life is as such also, every event seems random, unrelated, flowing in parallel, intertwined with odd notes and bizzare phrasing; yet once you get all the phrasing structured and all the notes worked out, it will render the most beautiful sound that you could have ever imagined. 
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